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Happy New Year, shoggoth supporters!

I haven’t made many public proclamations, but I thought it was time to pop in and make at least a brief update.


Surveys have been sent to all backers via Kickstarter. If you haven’t received yours yet, log in to your Kickstarter account and check your mail. Once I’ve gathered a significant number of responses, I can begin the process of distributing the PDF versions of the book, and sending out the post cards.


Colorizing of the pages is complete, and the new, larger layout is nearly done, too. I’ve been in touch with the printer and am just waiting on some color test sheets (to be sure the final book will look similar to the way it does on the computer screen). Once those come in, I should be able to send the files to the printer pretty much straight away. This keeps everything on schedule for meeting the publication goals set forward in the Kickstarter.


After I get the files off to the printer, I can begin work on the new wallpaper art and on updating the Patrons page of this website with the names of all my generous backers. Then, if nothing else requires my attention, I’ll start looking at the feasibility of doing some kind of animated version of The Littlest Shoggoth (though, to be honest, that’s either going to be a very bare bones affair, or it’s going to require a whole new Kickstarter drive of its own).

Thanks for checking in. I’ll keep the updates coming every week or two.

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