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We had a GREAT day yesterday, and I'm 100% convinced it is all due to backers, friends, and fans taking a little time to make posts about the project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who did. This, of course, only encourages me in my notion that it's important to keep pushing to get MORE of that kind of grassroots chatter, but here's what I'm NOT asking: • I'm not asking you to suddenly turn into "shills" for the project. • I'm not asking you to spam your friends with repeated entreaties to pledge. • I'm not asking you to give more money yourselves (unless, of course, you see something in the project that you WANT to spend money on ... in which case, totally go for it). What I AM asking is that if you want to help get The Littlest Shoggoth to hit the next couple of stretch goals, you make a post about the project in the next couple of days, and then one more toward the end of next week. There are over 500 people who have "liked" the project's Facebook page (not to mention over 1,500 that clicked "like" on the Kickstarter page itself). That's a pretty massive force of low-pressure promotion, if we can mobilize ourselves. My goal is by Tuesday to get a quarter of us to post, blog, tweet, or otherwise put up a public message that contains the words "The Littlest Shoggoth" and the URL for the Kickstarter. My secondary goal is to get that many folks to do so again during the following Wednesday-to-Sunday streak. Believe it or not, the Kickstarter campaign WILL be ending a week from Sunday (Dec. 16), so there are only 9 days left to raise funds ... and then it's all done. Thank you again for your support and help thus far. I'm just trying to make sure we get across the finish line with a strong push. In the end, if you pledged (or even plan to buy a copy later at a brick & mortar retailer), it is in YOUR interest to help ... because the money raised will go to making the final product better for everyone.

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